Welcome to C & C Foods

Our company was created over 10 years ago. We manufacture delicious chicken and beef products that are low in fat content and economically sustain large amounts of people.

C & C Food Company specializes in providing county, state, federal, and private institutions with meat products such as hamburger patties, chorizo, sausage and chicken fried steak. We meet all U.S. FDA requirements for nutrition and food supplements and strive to maintain superior quality and adhere to delivery schedules. Our current customers include prisons, hospitals, and schools for the deaf, among other such institutions.

The idea of blending beef with chicken breast scientifically, to form a healthier product than pure ground beef, is ideal for those people who use bulk ground meat, hamburger patties, breakfast sausage, Salisbury steak, or chorizo and enjoy the beef flavor and still want to satisfy the need to eat a healthier product. This product is lower in cholesterol (LDL), and has poly unsaturated fat which is easier to digest.

A big difference in the cooking process of our beef and chicken product that is quite noticeable is that the juice being extracted which normally has been all grease is now more like a broth, thereby eliminating the greasy aftertaste and the dryness experienced in pure beef.

C & C Food's beef and chicken product is ground finer than most ground beef which contributes to a less rigid product. The yield is higher after cooking, as a result, and the meat is noticeably more moist and tender.

All of our products are manufactured in a USDA-inspected facility and have no skin added to the beef and chicken product.

We encourage you to please look around our website and take a look at our products. If you have any questions or concerns or to request a price list or place an order, please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone, or postal mail.